Robert Lindeman

Robert Lindemann was born in Paderborn, Germany in modern-day North Rhine-Westphalia on January 28, 1884.  He studied first with his father Eduard Lindemann.  Robert Lindemann emigrated to the U.S. at age 27 in September, 1911.  He moved first to Minnesota, where in about 1911-1913, he was appointed Principal clarinet with the Saint Paul Symphony Orchestra 130 (which later merged with the Minneapolis Symphony).  Then, in the 1913-1914 season Robert Lindemann moved to Philadelphia, where he was appointed Principal clarinet of the Philadelphia Orchestra, following the abrupt dismissal of Fritz Dieterichs by the new Principal conductor, Leopold Stokowski.  Robert Lindemann remained Principal clarinet for four seasons 1913-1917.   It seems likely that Stokowski again dismissed his Principal clarinet, and Lindemann did not return to Philadelphia in 1917-1918.   Robert Lindemann then moved to New York, where he was appointed Principal clarinet of the New York Symphony in 1918-1923 under conductor Walter Damrosch.  Robert Lindemann was then appointed Principal clarinet of the Chicago Symphony by Frederick Stock in the 1923-1924 season.  Robert Lindemann then had a long service with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 1923-1949, a 26 year term.  Lindemann had survived not only Frederick Stock, but also Désiré Defauw, and Artur Rodzinski, so he must have been able.  He was succeeded during the term of Rafael Kubelik by Mitchell Lurie (who only lasted one season under Kubelik).  During his first season in Chicago, Rafael Kubelik tried to replace 22 of the orchestra's musicians, so perhaps it was not surprising that he retired Robert Lindemann who was age 65.  In Chicago, Robert Lindemann also played in the Chicago Woodwind Quintet in the 1930s.  Robert Lindemann died in Everett, Washington in October, 1975, age 91, after a rich and varied career consistently at the top of his profession.

Enesco "Rumanian Rhapsody"
Chicago Symphony, Fredrick Stock

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto
Chicago Symphony, Fredrick Stock-Nathan Milstein violin

​Tchaikovsky 'Nutcracker' Overture
Chicago Symphony, Fredrick Stock

Tchaikovsky Symphony No5 Mvt2 EX 1 and 2
Chicago Symphony, Fredrick Stock

Robert Lindeman

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