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For over 25 years Lee Livengood has distinguished himself as one of the premiere single reed mouthpiece technicians in the world. His expertise demands great insight, technical ability and understanding, not only of the technical demands of clarinet playing but also of the individual needs of clarinetists.

After years of research and planing, Lee has developed a line of mouthpieces merging his own design and his working knowledge of the great mouthpieces of the past. After years of working to reface and refurbish Chedeville, Robert and Bettoney mouthpieces for important professional clarinetists, Lee has come to understand the essence of depth and resonance in  sound...

Below are some examples the the rich, colorful sounds that can be achieved with the Lee Livengood mouthpiece design. Dymanics and shading are accomplished with ease to allow effortless expression.

Schubert's Shepherd On The Rock. Performed by Lee Livengood.

Other examples of the Livengood mouthpiece performed by Russell Harlow

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