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Reach clarinetists worldwide for only $25 per month. By advertising your products and services on this site, you are both promoting your business and helping support this valuable resource for clarinetists worldwide.
Place your ad with a link to your website or email for only $25 per month or $250 per year prepaid. We do not link to phone numbers but you can include your phone number on your actual ad.
ClarinetCentral will accept and include ads related to clarinet and clarinet playing only.

Sign up and Set Up by Email are easy!
Please include your phone number in your emails.
Step 1:   Design Your Ad:  Prepare your ad in digital format at 4.5" tall and 8" wide at 72dpi in .PNG or .JPG format in color or black and white (grayscale).  For $75 extra, we will design the ad for you using images and text you provide.
Step 2:   Attach your ad to an email and send it to and please indicate whether you would like to link your ad to your business website or your email address and include whichever you choose. You can include your phone number, email address and web address in the body of your ad, as well, but in your email., please specify whether you ad will link to:
   * Your Business Website: Include your business URL address
   * Your Business Email Address:  Include the exact email address to which you want your ad to link.

Step 3:  We will contact you after your ad is approved. Then you can return to this page and choose your payment plan and pay conveniently online.
$250 Per Year: To place your ad for the discounted pre-paid price for one year for $250, use the online pay button below.
      Each year you will be contacted regarding renewing your ad before your account is charged again.
      Also, you have the option to change your ad three times during the year by contacting Leslie Harlow at and include "Change My Ad" in the subject line.



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Your Ad Here
   •  $25 Per Month  (Three month minimum) To place your ad for $25 per month, choose the online pay button below.
       Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged $25 per month. If, after three months you choose to cancel your ad, contact with "Cancel My Ad" in the subject line of your email.

ClarinetCentral reserves the right to refuse ads that contain offensive or objectionable content or language, but will not discriminate based on gender, age, sexual orientation or race in its advertising content.
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