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Libove/Lugovoy Duo

WNYC Broadcast 1949

Vivaldi "Sonata in A"

Bach "Grave and Fugue"

Brahms "Contemplation"

Paganini "24th Caprice"

Debussy "Beau Soir"

Novacek "Perpetual Mobile"

Recorded for studying Encores  1957 

Dinicu "Hora Staccato" 

Kreisler "Recitative and Scherzo"  

Godowsky/Kreisler "Nocturnal Tangier" 

Bloch "Nigun" 

Mozart "Minuet" 

Achron "Hebrew Melody" 

Mozart Sonata KV  movement 1

Mozart Sonata KV movements 2-3

Brahms Sonata #1

Brahms Sonata #1 - Charles Libove-Nina Lugovoy
00:00 / 00:00

Saint-Saens Sonata 

Libove/Lugovoy Duo

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