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Libove/Lugovoy Duo

WNYC Broadcast 1949

Vivaldi "Sonata in A"

Bach "Grave and Fugue"

Brahms "Contemplation"

Paganini "24th Caprice"

Debussy "Beau Soir"

Novacek "Perpetual Mobile"

Mozart Sonata KV  movement 1

Mozart Sonata KV movements 2-3

Recorded for studying Encores  1957 

Dinicu "Hora Staccato" 

Kreisler "Recitative and Scherzo"  

Godowsky/Kreisler "Nocturnal Tangier" 

Bloch "Nigun" 

Mozart "Minuet" 

Achron "Hebrew Melody" 

Brahms Sonata #1

Brahms Sonata #1 - Charles Libove-Nina Lugovoy
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Saint-Saens Sonata 

Libove/Lugovoy Duo

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