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Philharmonia Trio

When three distinguished performers pooled their musical resources in 1962 to create the PHILHARMONIA TRIO, the result was one of the most exciting ensembles appearing before the public. Bringing to the trio their combined talents and broad performing experience, these artists produced an ensemble distinguished by it's exceptional homogeneity of sound and musical communication.


The trios' cellist, Alan Shulman, was a charter member of the NBC Symphony under Arturo Toscanini and was a member of the Kreiner String Quartet and co-founder of the Stuyvesant StringQuartet. Shulman played with the Philharmonia Trio fron 1962 to 1969 when cellist Aldo Parisot joined the group.






Charles Libove

Nina Lugovoy

Shostakovich Trio No 2 Op 67 Movements 2, Allegro con brio and 3, Largo

Brahms Trio op 87 in C Major   1/Allegro moderato 

Brahms Trio op 87 in C Major   3/SCHERZO Presto 

Brahms Trio op 87 in C Major   4/Finale Allegro giocoso 

Haydn Trio in f sharp minor 2/2/1964

Trio with Aldo Parisot, Cello

Interview on WRVR Radio

January 1962 on the eve of the Philharmonia Trio debut:

   Libove, Lugovoy, Shulman

Philharmonia Trio 

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